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16 May

Psychology Degree Graduate

Horatio, Glastonbury

Psychology Degree Graduate; Psychometric & Aptitude Trainee Opportunity - £30,000 - Private Venture Capitalist; Horatio Investments

We are Horatio Investments, Private Venture Capitalists and we are pleased to offer a psychology graduate an exceptional opportunity, to truly utilise and implement their degree in a business working environment, researching and implementing pioneering & innovative psychometric and aptitude testing solutions, working with world renowned people and solutions in the industry, to help ensure we attract and retain the very best talent and team structure within our company.

At Horatio Investments, we don't believe if someone has achieved top grades or gone to the best-rated universities that this will automatically give you the attributes that we are looking for. In fact, we know often humble beginnings and life lessons can be a major impact on a person’s natural traits and abilities. What we are looking for is 100% commitment to learn, work hard for it and the desire to succeed.

Horatio Investments, whilst intentionally keeping a low profile, are achieving ground-breaking things every day, investing on a diverse portfolio of investments. Our current ranges from Formula 1, international horses, fast beauty, aviation software, human resource tools and renewables.

This opportunity is no different in the fact it will offer you the chance to build your ideas, with direct guidance and influence from our CEO, Adam Norris to build successful and market leading teams for our company – we don’t dream big things, we do big things! Adam Norris has notably started and grown businesses worth up to £3.5bn and has built extremely successful teams, some of whom members are millionaires now in their own right.

In this role, you can expect your typical day to day duties to include:

  • Conducting due diligence, investigating and researching everything and anything, to ensure we build the most successful teams possible.
  • Training through listening, watching and attending meetings with the market leaders in psychometric and aptitude testing market.
  • Taking the time to study material and keeping up to date with each new ground-breaking solution that comes to market.
  • Implementing and running with the chosen solutions.
  • Anything and everything else that might crop up as the day ensues!

The role is based out of a stunning hi-spec private office, with 30 acres of green land surrounding it, along with in house gym and fresh lunches provided every day. Based in-between Glastonbury & Wells, so relocation/short commutable distance is a must for this role. Please note due to location, only people with full UK valid driving licenses (within 3 months of start date) and access to own cars will be considered.

This truly is an exceptional and career changing opportunity and will be offered to the candidate who shows they are willing and eager to give the commitment needed to achieve great things – work ethics, someone who shows they are curious and eager to learn, along with the right determination and commitment. If you are interested in hearing more about this position, please your CV and a cover letter, including answers to the following questions to be considered:

  1. Why do you want to apply for this role?
  2. What was your earliest impressions on the business world; be it working in your mum’s store, doing a paper round, joining your dad in the office after school – we want to hear about what you did and what you thought of it.      
  3. Have you competed in a national level sport or other extracurricular activities? How did you balance your university studies with your commitment to the sport?
  4. What are your thoughts on working outside of core hours?
  5. When can you interview?

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Psychology Degree Graduate
Posted: 16th May 18
Location: Glastonbury